Circus of Life

by Kinky Friedman

Released 2018
Echo Hill Records
Released 2018
Echo Hill Records
Kinky Friedman’s first full album of new material in four decades Circus Of Life could easily be called The Matlock Tapes. It all started with a call from Willie Nelson, who asked Kinky what he was doing at that moment. Kinky answered that he was watching Matlock, to which Willie replied, “That is a sure sign of depression, Kinky. Turn Matlock off and start writing.” Kinky did just that and wrote twelve brand new songs, some of the best he’s ever written. With a host of radio friendly cuts, such as standouts Autographs In The Rain and Copper Love, Circus Of Life, by way of Matlock, via Willie, brings a whole new Kinky to the table. The second act has begun, and it’s all on the high wire.
"I don't understand music. I understand Lightnin' Hopkins. I understand Leadbelly, John Lee Hooker, Woody Guthrie, Kinky Friedman." - Bob Dylan

"Circus of Life, a record rooted in Texas-sized tall tales, atmospheric autobiography, Leonard Cohen-worthy musings and the vocal delivery of his fellow Lone Star statesman, Willie Nelson... an album full of dry wit and woozy beauty." - Rolling Stone

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